Chapter 9 – Advance Your Journey


With the vast information literally at our fingertips (thank you, Internet), be careful not to let yourself get bogged down with content. That is, don’t get so caught up learning about success that you neglect to act on it. The key is to learn and DO. You don’t have to know everything to start your journey, just take a step. And another. And another. It’s okay to fall down as long as you get back up. Even the most graceful dancer or accomplished athlete started with a wobbly little Frankenstein walk. And I guarantee they got some scraped knees along the way. Falling is not failure. Even if something doesn’t turn out like you hoped or planned, it was NOT a failure if you learned something from it. So just keep going!

Action Steps For Your Passion:

1. Take a good look at the content you are consuming. Are you on overload? If so, prioritize. Pick the program that best aligns with living your passion. Put other content out of sight (temporarily) while you focus on your No. 1 choice.

2. Research the word “neuroplasticity” or view the video above for more info on how to rewire your brain to learn new things.

3. Make a conscious choice to be “complete” on your own without depending on your dream-killer (or anybody else) for validation. You have everything you need within you to successfully live your passion.

3. If you haven’t done so already, start your own financial accounts for your passion, completely separate from your dream-killer. Remember, you are now a unipreneur. You are succeeding beside him, but not intertwined with him. Whether or not your dream includes big bucks, keep it independent.

Action Steps For Your Relationships:

1. Start a sweetheart journal. Write down your best memories with your dream-killer. The day you met. That weekend at Niagara Falls. The time he tried to make your favorite dinner but set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. Whatever. They can include some of the Action Steps you took from this book.

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