Chapter 8 – Build Your Character


I am fortunate that my MLM has a dynamic personal development system as part of its offerings. It set me on an upward trajectory that I never intend to stop. Through reading books such as this one, listening to audios, watching webinars, and attending conferences, you, too, can exponentially increase your learning by taking advantage of others’ experiences. Compound interest, so to speak. As you constantly stimulate your mind with expansive ideas, you become a better YOU. Thus, all the good in your life is magnified.

Action Steps For Your Passion:

1. See this page for a list of great books and authors. Choose one to start reading as soon as you finish this one.

2. Find audios online, at your local library, or at this website that will expand your mind. Download onto a personal electronic device and listen to them during downtime such as waiting for an appointment or driving alone. Save your favorites to listen to multiple times.

3. Carefully consider the list of positive characteristic traits. Honestly evaluate yourself to see which ones you are already exhibiting and which ones you need to work on. Choose one or a related two or three on which to concentrate. Seriously apply yourself to master them.

4. Revisit the seven character traits with caveats. Think of a personal experience which could illustrate one of them.

Action Steps For Your Relationships:

1. Read the list of 36 character traits again, this time with your dream0killer in mind. Find at least three of them that he exhibits regularly. Next time you observe him demonstrating that quality, compliment him on it. Don’t pick those on which he needs to improve.

2. Take a free online webinar or read a book on a topic important to your dream-killer that you know little about. Surprise him by starting a knowledgeable conversation on the subject.

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