Chapter 6 – Evaluate Your Encounter


Sometimes sharing your dream is like fly fishing. You cast out your Dream, your vision to those you love the most. Sometimes they will immediately get hooked. More often, you have to reel in the line and try again. And again. And again. Until finally, one day you share your dream and they “get it.”

So if it didn’t go well, pull back and keep your Dream to yourself again, continue to nurture and shelter it. Take a deep breath and regroup. Don’t give up. This process can be repeated over and over again. Someday it may work. Or it may not. But either way, you have put your stake in the ground.

Action Steps For Your Passion:

1. Write down everything you remember about your passion presentation. What you both said, how you felt during and after, the expressions on his face, his body language, whatever else that impressed itself upon your memory. Don’t edit it, just write freely.

2. This may seem like a strange action to take for your Passion, but I challenge you to take some time to rejuvenate. Do something you enjoy but don’t often do. Go on a nature walk, visit a museum, have lunch with some friends that you haven’t seen in a while, get a massage- whatever would help you completely step away from your dream-killer and your passion presentation for a few hours. Relax.

3. Revisit your dream journal and/or your vision board. Fan the flames of your passion. Take time to envision yourself succeeding. What does it look like? How do you feel? Who is it helping? Breathe deeply and soak it all in. Success is yours!

4. Write down at least 10 specific actions you could take to move forward with your dream that would take less than half an hour to complete. Start a practice of doing at least one of those a day, adding more to the list as new ideas come to you. It is a true success habit. All the little steps can eventually take you up the mountain.

Action Steps For Your Relationships:

1. Now that you’ve taken a mental break from your passion presentation, go back to read what you wrote in the first Action Step (For Your Passion) with fresh eyes. Consider carefully your dream-killer’s negative responses. Determine if they came from inconsideration, misunderstanding, fear, or a combination of those.

2. Without judgment, seek to understand what in history (his-story) reinforces his negative response. If you are able to ask leading questions to guide a civil discussion about his reaction to your passion presentation, do so if you desire. If not, feel free to completely withdraw from any further discussion about the topic until you feel moved to address it again. The timing is completely up to you.

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