Chapter 5 – Declare Your Passion


The time has come to share your passion. But before you share it with your loved one, please remember that he/she has the free agency to think and act as they choose. While you may be so excited about your Dream that your eye twitches, your partner may not. Respect that. Don’t try to talk them into believing as you do, just share. Whatever happens, don’t forget what you have already learned – that while your vision is clear to you, it may not be to your loved one. Your attitude is a choice and so is your partner’s. You may have different viewpoints now but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Stay strong but loving and your perspectives just might eventually align.

Below is meditation music you can put in the background the day you present your passion to would-be Dream-killers. It can help clear your mind of worry, redirect your thoughts to best case scenarios, and fill you with positive energy. No need to watch it, although an occasional glance might bring smile, calm your heart, and keep you in flow:

Action Steps For Your Passion:

1. Review Chapters 2 and 3 about attitude and perspective. Refresh your resolve to have the best possible mental outlook when you share your dream seed with your loved one. Also review Chapter 4 and the results of your online personality test and 5 Love Language Test. If you haven’t already determined your dream-killer’s personality style and love language, do it now.

2. Plan the actual date, time, and place for your Passion Presentation to your loved one.

3. Practice getting “in the zone” to help ease any anxiety you may feel in anticipation of presenting your dream seed.

4. Have your Passion Presentation. Declare your dream!

NOTE TO READER: I realize this is a HUGE step. If you’re still completely unsure how to approach your Dream-killer, please feel free to finish the rest of the book and come back to this Action Step. After all, this is the act that will designate you as a true Unipreneur. Three cheers for YOU!

Action Steps For Your Relationships:

1. In the days previous to your Passion Presentation, do five “extra” things for your dream-killer in his two best love languages to let him know you truly care about him.

2. Choose to continue to love your dream-killer regardless of how he responds to your presentation. It’s called Unconditional Love. And it’s beautiful.

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