Chapter 1 – Clarify Your Vision

What is it you want? It isn’t enough to say “I want to be rich” or “I want to be healthy” or “I want to help other people.” No one, including yourself, will take you seriously and the Dream-killers will have fuel for their ridicule. Get specific. With clarity of vision comes increased passion for your dream. However, while it’s important to know your “why”, you don’t have to know the “how.” As a matter of fact if you already know exactly how to do it, your dream probably isn’t very big. And if you have a rigid, detailed plan on how to attain the goal, it closes your mind to opportunities that may pop up along the way that would speed up the process or expand the end result. So the trick is to have clarity of vision without clutching the details so tightly that it chokes out an even greater outcome.

Action Steps For Your Passion:

1. Get a clear mental picture of what your dream will look like, realizing that it will be even bigger and better than you now imagine.

2. Try starting a dream journal and/or vision board.

3. Write down your vision statement and read it daily, thus retraining your brain for success.

4. BE the person you envision living in your passion

Action Steps For Your Relationships:

1. Without revealing YOUR dream, ask your dream-killer questions that might ignite HIS hidden dreams.

2. Listen carefully to what he shares and support his interests.

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