Action Steps for Section II Chapter 4

Action Steps in

Section II: Present

Outward Expression

In this section, you will be given tips to understand your Dream-killer, to get inside his head to see what makes him tick. Through this awareness, you can develop a strategy to present your Passion in a way that has the least risk of ridicule or rejection. By evaluating your encounter with your Dream-killer, you can adapt your strategy if you choose to keep actively engaging your loved one. Or you may decide to become a true Unipreneur and succeed solo in the same house. It is totally your choice. Either way, the tone is set to move forward and grow your Dream!

Chapter 4 Summary

Understand Your Dream-killer

“Know thine enemy.” Not saying your Dream-killer is an enemy to you as a person but they may be an enemy to your dream. Understanding how their brain ticks can give you an advantage on how to present your passion to them. Through studying personality types and how individuals most naturally give and receive communications, you will be more apt to express your longings in a way less likely evoke ridicule or anger.

Implement Now

For Chapter 4

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Action Steps For Your Passion

1. Check the links on this page to find out how to learn more about personality styles. You will also find links to the following Actions Steps.

2. Choose either the DISC Personality Profile or the 16 Personalities test and take the FREE online assessment. You can also do both, if you choose. Study the results.

3. Take the Five Love Language Test and be enlightened by the results.

4. Apply the information you have learned about personality styles and love languages to your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Try to decipher their actions (and reactions) in order to understand them better. This builds a better YOU, which, in turns, strengthen your position to move forward with your passion.

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Action Steps For Your Relationships

1. Now that you’ve taken the assessment for either DISC Personality Profile or the 16 Personalities test, share what you’ve learned with your dream-killer. Try your best to get him to take the free assessment, too. If he won’t, then make a copy of the rest and sporadically ask him the questions. Record his answers and submit them when you get them all. Only guess his answers as a last resort because the results will be less accurate.

2. Since you’ve taken the Five Love Language Test, get your dream-killer to do the same. To coax him. If needed, tell him that by discovering his best love languages, you can better fill his needs. Or bribe him. I got my hubby to take it by asking him on our anniversary. Whatever works. If he absolutely will not take the test, then experiment by communicating with him using one love language at a time and observe which ones bring the greatest response.

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Additional Resources

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To take a free DISC personality assessment, go to any of the following:

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To take a free 16 Personality Test, go to any of the following:

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To take a free Five Love Languages test, go to any of the following:

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