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Section I: Preparation

Inward Germination

Before sharing your passion with others (especially those who are potential Dream-killers) you must prepare mentally. The Dream Seed must be nurtured and sheltered as it sprouts into a fragile little seedling. In this Section, I will share ways to protect the Dream internally as it strengthens, before sharing it outwardly.

Chapter 2 Summary

Brighten Your Attitude

Attitude is a choice. You can dwell on the negative and blame your Dream-killers or other circumstances for a lack of success. Or you can recognize the inner power you have to accentuate the positive. That doesn’t mean you ignore or deny conditions, but you don’t give them power to control who you are. If you view yourself as a success and act accordingly, you will be able to recognize opportunities that you probably wouldn’t notice if you are stuck in a woe-is-me attitude. While everyone has an inborn temperament, there are methods to consciously keep your outlook on the bright side.

Implement Now

For Chapter 2

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Action Steps For Your Passion

1. Make the commitment that you will concentrate on positive things in your life and release the power of the negative ones that you can’t change.

2. View this page to find an ever-growing list of people who have overcome severe challenges to achieve amazing results. Read their stories and/or watch their videos. You can expand this by doing research yourself. Feel free to share them!

3. Add a gratitude list to your dream journal. Start by listing the first 100 things that come to mind—no matter how big or small.

4. While on this page, check out the music section, too. I’ve even included a video of “Herman the Worm” to encourage a smile. Feel free to sing along.

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Action Steps For Your Relationships

1. Pick a genre of music that you and your dream-killer BOTH enjoy. Find a time to listen to it together or perhaps go to a concert. If either of you (or both), play an instrument, make time to share it. OR watch a funny movie or comedy act together.

2. To get in the habit of accentuating the best, for the next 3 weeks, find at least three things a day that your can tell your dream-killer you appreciate about him. These don’t have to be new ones each day—repeats are acceptable as long as they are sincere!

For Action Steps

Additional Resources

Amy Purdy

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Amy became an avid snowboarder until at age 19, she contracted Neisseria meningitis which led to septic shock. This resulted in having both of her legs amputated below the knee, as well as losing both kidneys and her spleen. At one point, the doctors only gave her a 2% survival rate. This didn’t keep Amy down. Two years later, she had a kidney transplant with her father being the donor. Eventually, she was fitted with prosthetic legs and only seven months later, she was snowboarding again. Amy is now a successful author, speaker, actress, fashion designer, dancer, professional snowboarder, and co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports.

Read (and watch) more about Amy at:

Watch Amy at:

Drew Hunthausen

Born in southern California, USA, Drew had a normal childhood until at age 10, he contracted bacterial meningitis and went into a coma. Three months later, he slowly woke up, only to find himself blind, nearly deaf, and unable to walk. Instead of giving in to negative medical opinions, he chose to have a positive attitude. Eventually, he left his wheelchair behind and regained some of his previous athletic ability through swimming. Today he is a successful speaker and author.

Read more about Drew at:

Nick Vujicic

Born in Melbourne, Australia without arms and legs, Nick suffered intense bullying which resulted in thoughts of suicide as a child. Choosing to change his attitude from one of victim-hood to Victory, he is now a highly successful motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, and founder of the non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs.” He is also married and has children.

Read more about Nick at:

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