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Section I: Preparation

Inward Germination

Before sharing your passion with others (especially those who are potential Dream-killers) you must prepare mentally. The Dream Seed must be nurtured and sheltered as it sprouts into a fragile little seedling. In this Section, I will share ways to protect the Dream internally as it strengthens, before sharing it outwardly.

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Action Steps for Chapters 1-3

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Chapter 1

Clarify Your Vision

What is it you want? It isn’t enough to say “I want to be rich” or “I want to be healthy” or “I want to help other people.” No one, including yourself, will take you seriously and the Dream-killers will have fuel for their ridicule. Get specific. With clarity of vision comes increased passion for your dream. However, while it’s important to know your “why”, you don’t have to know the “how.” As a matter of fact if you already know exactly how to do it, your dream probably isn’t very big. And if you have a rigid, detailed plan on how to attain the goal, it closes your mind to opportunities that may pop up along the way that would speed up the process or expand the end result. So the trick is to have clarity of vision without clutching the details so tightly that it chokes out an even greater outcome.

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Chapter 2

Brighten Your Attitude

Attitude is a choice. You can dwell on the negative and blame your Dream-killers or other circumstances for a lack of success. Or you can recognize the inner power you have to accentuate the positive. That doesn’t mean you ignore or deny conditions, but you don’t give them power to control who you are. If you view yourself as a success and act accordingly, you will be able to recognize opportunities that you probably wouldn’t notice if you are stuck in a woe-is-me attitude. While everyone has an inborn temperament, there are methods to consciously keep your outlook on the bright side.

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Chapter 3

Tweak Your Perspective

As you prepare to present your idea to your loved ones, remember that we all look at things from different standpoints. Open your mind. Try to view things from various angles. As you explore the views, you will become aware of things you hadn’t considered before. And just like finding the object in a hidden picture puzzle, once you see it, you can’t “unsee” it. As your perspective broadens, your heart opens, and judgment lessens. You will be better able to pursue your passion without shrinking from or striking at the naysayers.

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Section II: Present

Outward Expression

In this section, you will be given tips to understand your Dream-killer, to get inside his head to see what makes him tick. Through this awareness, you can develop a strategy to present your Passion in a way that has the least risk of ridicule or rejection. By evaluating your encounter with your Dream-killer, you can adapt your strategy if you choose to keep actively engaging your loved one. Or you may decide to become a true Unipreneur and succeed solo in the same house. It is totally your choice. Either way, the tone is set to move forward and grow your Dream!

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Action Steps for Chapters 4-6

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Chapter 4

Understand Your Dream-killer

“Know thine enemy.” Not saying your Dream-killer is an enemy to you as a person but they may be an enemy to your dream. Understanding how their brain ticks can give you an advantage on how to present your passion to them. Through studying personality types and how individuals most naturally give and receive communications, you will be more apt to express your longings in a way less likely evoke ridicule or anger.

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Chapter 5

Declare Your Passion

The time has come to share your passion. But before you share it with your loved one, please remember that he/she has the free agency to think and act as they choose. While you may be so excited about your Dream that your eye twitches, your partner may not. Respect that. Don’t try to talk them into believing as you do, just share. Whatever happens, don’t forget what you have already learned – that while your vision is clear to you, it may not be to your loved one. Your attitude is a choice and so is your partner’s. You may have different viewpoints now but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. Stay strong but loving and your perspectives just might eventually align.

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Chapter 6

Evaluate Your Encounter

Sometimes sharing your dream is like fly fishing. You cast out your Dream, your vision to those you love the most. Sometimes they will immediately get hooked. More often, you have to reel in the line and try again. And again. And again. Until finally, one day you share your dream and they “get it.” So if it didn’t go well, pull back and keep your Dream to yourself again, continue to nurture and shelter it. Take a deep breath and regroup. Don’t give up. This process can be repeated over and over again. Someday it may work. Or it may not. But either way, you have put your stake in the ground.

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Section III: Pursue

Onward Expansion

Your Dream has been given life. Your Dream-killer has had the opportunity to give support (or not) and you are ready to ramp up the hot pursuit of your Passion. If your loved one has decided not to join the journey, this is when you actually become a Unipreneur. And while that means building your Dream solo in the house, it does NOT mean doing it completely alone. In this section, I will share the importance of promoting your Dream with a network of supporters (including a mentor), developing personal character, and advancing on your journey toward success.

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Action Steps for Chapters 7-9

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Chapter 7

Build Your Network

According to the late Jim Rohn, you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most. That doesn’t mean you have to completely cut yourself off from your Dream-killers, but it does mean you need to find a network of like-minded individuals that will uplift and encourage you. Being a Unipreneur in your home doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone! To speed up your journey and hopefully make it less painful, find someone who has already traveled the path and achieved what you want to do, a qualified mentor that shares your values. Choose only one mentor at a time, two at the most. Stick with them for at least six months to a year. Laser focus on what is taught and then boldly apply it in your life. Regardless of your situation at home, your positive associates can help propel your toward your dream.

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Chapter 8

Build Your Character

I am fortunate that my MLM has a dynamic personal development system as part of its offerings. It set me on an upward trajectory that I never intend to stop. Through reading books such as this one, listening to audios, watching webinars, and attending conferences, you, too, can exponentially increase your learning by taking advantage of others’ experiences. Compound interest, so to speak. As you constantly stimulate your mind with expansive ideas, you become a better YOU. Thus, all the good in your life is magnified.

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Chapter 9

Advance Your Journey

With the vast information literally at our fingertips (thank you, Internet), be careful not to let yourself get bogged down with content. That is, don’t get so caught up learning about success that you neglect to act on it. The key is to learn and DO. You don’t have to know everything to start your journey, just take a step. And another. And another. It’s okay to fall down as long as you get back up. Even the most graceful dancer or accomplished athlete started with a wobbly little Frankenstein walk. And I guarantee they got some scraped knees along the way. Falling is not failure. Even if something doesn’t turn out like you hoped or planned, it was NOT a failure if you learned something from it. So just keep going!

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