Do you have a dream so big it scares and thrills you at the same time?

By Laura S. Shortridge


How to Live Your Passion in a House Full of Dream-Killers

You have a phenomenal idea, a dream seed. Your heart is calling you to a greater purpose. A more expanded YOU is seeking to emerge. Whether it’s building a business, competing in the Olympics, seeing your musical on Broadway, whatever you’re desiring to manifest… it’s so powerful that it scares and thrills you at the same time.

Finally, you can’t ignore or suppress it any longer so you share it with those you love the most. It doesn’t turn out like you expect. He laughs. She scoffs. They immediately try to talk you out of your “crazy” idea. What do you do? Give in to the dream-killers? Let your brainchild die? Or do you fan the fires of your passion and give it life?

Unipreneur Laura Shortridge shares strategies to pursue your aspirations AND keep strong family relationships. You don’t have to choose between your passion and your loved ones. By applying these strategies, you can have them both.

Meet the Author

Laura S. Shortridge

A little woman with a big heart, Laura Susanne (Stewart) Shortridge grew up in Denton, TX and still considers herself a “forever” Texan. Married at age 19, she and her husband have been married nearly 40 years and have 3 sons, 3 daughters, and 3 grandchildren. She and her husband currently reside in gorgeous western New York, just 15 minutes south of Lake Ontario.

Laura loves people, animals, nature, arts & crafts, reading, and writing. Her passion at this time is to help individuals realize their true, divine worth and develop the God-given gifts placed in their hearts. Through her creative works (fiction and nonfiction books & articles, screenplays, visual media, and music), she hopes to make a positive impact on those in her sphere of influence.

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“In Unipreneur: How to Live Your Passion in a House Full of Dream-Killers, Laura shares snippets of her journey toward a joyful, expansive, fruitful life even though her biggest obstacles often resided under the same roof. She writes as if the reader is sitting in the same room, having a heart-to-heart conversation, sharing both laughter and tears. Through the author’s personal insights, practical methods, and eternal truths, readers have a golden opportunity to step upward to a life they absolutely love living.”


Mary Manin Morrissey

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Best-selling Author, Founder of Life Mastery Institute

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Take some time to read this inspiring book. Laura has done a great job of blending faith with practical business and life advice. Beautiful!”


Glenn and Pam Shoffler

Multi-business Entrepreneurs, Shoffler International, Inc.

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“Everything is energy. The positive energy emanating from Unipreneur: How to Live Your Passion in a House Full of Dream-Killers can help open-hearted readers move forward with their dreams while, at the same time, developing deep, reciprocal relationships with loved ones that don’t share their vision. Having personally witnessed the author forge forward on this enlightened path, I know that readers can learn from Laura’s personal experiences and practical methods she shares. Read, apply, and live an abundant life!”


Kirsten Welles

Master Coach, LifeSOULutions That Work, LLC

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Unipreneur, will show you a step-by-step how-to guide to building your self-esteem and your business. Laura will teach you to become a successful Unipreneur and show you how you can become successful even if you have to do it alone. This book is a quick and easy read. Enjoy!”


Omar Periu

Best-selling Author, Speaker, Coach, self-made muilti-millionaire, Omar Periu International

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“Are you seeing a bigger story for your life? Are you bewildered about how to make it happen? While reading Unipreneur, you will go on one woman’s journey to support planting your ‘Dream Seeds’ of opportunity. Through use of Laws of Success and Creation of a Vision, Laura takes us on her journey of spiraling up to being a woman whose life makes a bigger difference. What is your bigger story? Go ahead. Do it. Read Unipreneur. Listen to your inner wisdom rather than listening to the ‘Dream-killers’ in your life. Step into your bigger story!”


Carolyn Rose Hart

Award-winning Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Founder and President of Step Up Step Out

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“I am so impressed with Laura Shortridge and “Unipreneur”. Laura’s success as a businesswoman, real estate investor and word weaver shines through in her book. With wit and wisdom, Laura walks readers through her personal journey, and teaches them how to shield and nourish their Dream Seeds. It feels like sitting down with a smart and funny friend who’s sharing her best life, relationship and business advice. It’s honest, refreshing and inspiring! I’d highly recommend Unipreneur to anyone who has dreams to pursue. Laura’s advice shows you how to protect your Dream Seeds and grow them into a bountiful garden!”


Jane VanVooren Rogers

Freelance Editor, Author of “How to Avoid Being and Other Paths to Triumph”

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“It’s tough when you have a burning passion, but your loved ones don’t share the same vision. Too often, people either give up on their dreams or give up the naysayers living under the same roof. In Unipreneur: How to Live Your Passion in a House Full of Dream-Killers, author Laura S. Shortridge shows how you can have both.”


Kary Oberbrunner

Author of ELIXIR Project, Day Job to Dream Job, The Deeper Path, and Your Secret Name

Implement Now

Action Steps

Section I: Prepare

Inward Germination

Before sharing your passion with others (especially those who are potential Dream-killers) you must prepare mentally. The Dream Seed must be nurtured and sheltered as it sprouts into a fragile little seedling. In this Section, I will share ways to protect the Dream internally as it strengthens, before sharing it outwardly.

Section II: Present

Outward Expression

In this section, you will be given tips to understand your Dream-killer, to get inside his head to see what makes him tick. Through this awareness, you can develop a strategy to present your Passion in a way that has the least risk of ridicule or rejection. Either way, the tone is set to move forward and grow your Dream!

Section III: Pursue

Onward Expansion

Your Dream has been given life. Your Dream-killer has had the opportunity to give support (or not) and you are ready to ramp up the hot pursuit of your Passion. If your loved one has decided not to join the journey, this is when you actually become a Unipreneur. And while that means building your Dream solo in the house, it does NOT mean doing it completely alone.

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